Thursday, October 8, 2015


Welcome to the Churchill County School District - Student Health Services Home Page. This site has been designed to provide important information regarding Student Health Services and our policies, programs, people, and services.

The quality and quantity of learning of each child is directly related to his physical, mental, emotional, and social levels of health. The professional school nurse is part of the health services program that assures a high level of physical, mental, and emotional well being for each student.

Some of the services that the school nurse provides are:

  • student health appraisal and assessment (including the handicapped student)
  • management of student health problems (including written protocols)
  • screening programs (vision, hearing, scoliosis, dental)
  • parent-teacher-counselor conferences
  • medical referrals (dental, vision, hearing, and medical)
  • health counseling
  • communicable disease control
  • health education (smoking, dental, nutrition, etc.)
  • school hygiene and safety appraisal
  • child abuse assessment and referral
  • school staff inservice on health related topics
  • health consultation
  • enforcement of Health Services policies
  • immunization auditing