Sunday, October 4, 2015

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This Web site provides the reader with information on the GATE program for the Churchill County School District. Below is our Program Overview and the Program Objectives.  In addition to the information found through the navigation bar at the left, the reader can also find information regarding Characteristics of the Gifted That Tend to Screen Them Out of Programs. There is a Comparison between a Bright Child and a Gifted Learner

Program Overview
The Gifted and Talented program in Churchill County serves students in grades three through six. The GATE program will be at individual school sites. G.A.T.E. students will receive enrichment pull out instruction one day of the week for 2 1/2 hours.

Program Objectives
Our goal is to tailor the program to meet individual needs. With this in mind, the objectives are: 

  • To provide the opportunities for students to pursue independent study skills dictated by their personal interests.
  • To develop higher level thinking skills, especially analysis, synthesis and evaluation.
  • To develop critical thinking skills and reasoning abilities, both inductive and deductive through problem solving.
  • To provide opportunities for students to practice and develop creativity, especially fluency, flexibility, originality and elaboration.
  • To provide opportunities for students to interact with like-ability peers and develop their leadership abilities.

For more information on gifted education visit our useful links section for other online resources.

You are welcome to call the G.A.T.E. teachers for specific information.