Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Special Services Department

Welcome to the Special Services section of our website. The Churchill County Special Services administrative offices are located at 690 S. Maine Street (Across from Churchill County Credit Union)

Special education provides a wide range of services to students within the educational environment. Students may be as young as three years old or as old as young adults. Schools are charged with the responsibility of providing each "handicapped" student an appropriate education.

Students receive a range of services.Services may be as modest as an hour a week of speech therapy or support for a regular education teacher to help a student be successful in a regular education classroom.Other students may need to spend most of their day in a Special Education setting; however, most of our students receive a combination of regular education and special education.The decision about services as well as goals and objectives for each student is planned in a meeting with parents, teachers, administrators, and other staff.In addition, student's progress is reviewed at least annually.

There are several departments under the umbrella of Special Education. Following the links on the left can access these departments and provide you with more information about the Special Service offered at Churchill County School District.